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Company dedicated to the promotion and construction of buildings and houses. Real estate reform. Sale and rental of properties and plots. Financing. Insurance.

Specialized in rentals with wide range of warranties.

Trust real estate professionals only.

Not precipitate to buy or sell.Avoid risk asking for advice to real estate professionals. These professionals are as follows:

A.I.C.A.T.: real estate agent of Catalonia: Specialists in the real estate market. It is a collective of Collegiate and subject to compliance with professional ethics deriving from the rules laying down the registration of agents inmobliarios of the Generalitat of Catalunya.

Registrar of the property: Can advise you on the legal status of the home you wish to buy, as burdens, mortgages, easements, etc.. The consultation is essential before making the decision to purchase. 

Notary: Is who guarantees and specific sales agreement bringing to public deed. He will advise you on the implementation of the existing, civil, administrative and fiscal law. 

Prior agreement.

Is very convenient that, prior to formalize the sale, the real estate agent promotes aremember previous between the buyer and the seller, by a document signed by the parties.
Eastdocumentyou must collect the name, identity document and address of parties, the identification of the property subject of the sale, the agreed price, form of payment and signal that ships as a formalization of the commitment.
Also it should be collected and clearly specify who will pay the expenses and taxes from the sale and the date in which the document to public deed must raise.
Is advised that thesignal o Arrasnot exceeding 10% of the value of the purchase, as it is considered is an amount reasonable and not abusive to engage both parties.
The quantity delivered in concept of signal or arras lose the buyer if you breach the purchase commitment. If non-compliance is the seller, this should return the purchaser twice the quantity received.
The formalization of the agreement of sale, must be made by public deed before a notary and register in the land registry.
The procedures for registration and payment of capital gains and taxes can make it through the own real estate agency or any agency of his confidence.

Expenditure and financing.

The set of all the expenses of the sale can be approximately 10% of the deed price and are as follows:

Property transfer taxes: A tax on the sale of housing and mortgage loans and its amount is 8 per cent on the price of writing. If new housing, this tax becomes VAT and its amount is 10%. 

Documented legal acts tax: A tax on the sale of housing and mortgage loans and its amount is 1% of the price of writing.

Capital gain: Is the tax on the increase in the value of urban land. It depends on the cadastral value of the soil and the years since the last transmission. 

Notary, registration and finance: Are the costs to the public deed, property registration and processing of the Agency.

Mortgage loan: Expenditures according to the mode and type of mortgage will be specified in each case.

La financing of the purchaseis usually done through a mortgage loan in the long term, offering under warranty the home itself acquired. If the housing is to habitual residence important tax benefits can be obtained. 

Su Real estate agencyinform you on the different modalities of mortgages, interest rates, cost, term of amortization and fees to pay, so choose the most convenient for you. You will also be informed about the documentation that has to contribute and if you wish, will manage you the credit.