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Welcome to Grupo Inmobiliaria Torresol

We are onespecializing in property management company en Torredembarra, Altafulla, Creixell, Roda de Barà, Cunit, Calafell, Segur Calafell Comarruga, Sant Salvador, Cubelles Vilanova G. and Sitges,and have at your disposal a selected portfolio of products.

You know very well what they want, but don't know exactly how to find it. Using our experience and our resources, you will succeed in acquiring the property seeking without wasting your valuable time.

Torresol group real estate listen your wishes and pre-seleccionamos options that fit your requirements and budget, avoiding unnecessary visits to properties that do not respond to their demands.

Group Torresol real estate

we advise you and provide you reliable, information documented and proven, so your final decision will be the most successful.

Our company have offices in:

Torredembarra C/Antoni Roig, 95 
Cubelles Av.Catalunya 18

We are a team of nine people at your service:

Ramon Ramos Navarro Tf:665510565 Torredembarra Aicat No. 4358